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Hypo allergenic studs produced to exceed EU and worldwide standards in an ISO 9001 factory. Available in 24 carat gold plated, silver plated, natural, contours and jewelled. Talk to us about becoming a distributor.

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Quality is of utmost importance

Our System 2000 studs comply with the EU Nickel Directive and are distributed worldwide in sterile sealed packs. Every pair of earrings can be used for piercing or wearing as fashion jewellery.


We also distribute the Caress System 2000 ear piercing kit throughout Europe.

The Caress System 2000 ear piercing kit consists of:

  • The ear piercing instrument (designed to provide years of trouble free ear piercing)
  • A non-toxic skin marker pen
  • “Practice ears” (foam peanuts with an ear like consistency that trainees can use to practice their piercing technique)
  • Antiseptic cleansing wipes

All of these items are also available to order individually. Please contact us for more information or apply to be a distributor.


24 Carat Gold

Silver Plated


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