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5 Questions to Ask Before Getting Your Ears Pierced

5 Questions to Ask Before Getting Your Ears Pierced - Caress Ltd

It’s always an exciting time getting a piercing, whether it’s your first, second or seventh! Whatever piercing it is, there are many important factors to consider.

Exciting as it is, unfortunately infection, uneven piercings and other complications are all too common. Before choosing a piercer, you need to verify that all the correct procedures and precautions have been considered; making sure they have established a safe and clean environment for you as their customer. You should be their top priority, being made to feel comfortable and relaxed throughout.

It’s important to select a fully qualified professional piercer, with all the necessary training and up to date knowledge needed to complete your piercing precisely and effectively.

Likewise, there are numerous other factors that need to be deliberated before committing to a piercing; we have put together a list of a few questions for you to think about and would potentially benefit you for asking:

Where should I get my ears pierced?
A lot of places now offer piercings, whether it’s in a shop or beauty salon. We suggest choosing what’s right for you. Do you prefer somewhere that offers you privacy and quiet or does this not matter to you?

What piercing instrument will be used and how was it prepared before the appointment?There are a number of different piercing methods which vary on where you decide to go and what piercing you are having done. It’s crucial to ensure that whatever method of piercing you choose, piercing instrument has been properly sanitised to prevent any problems of infection occurring.

Some different methods of piercing include needles, or spring loaded piercing equipment. These can sometimes be loud and uncomfortable, which is why Caress has developed our own innovative piercing instrument which allows for quiet and accurate piercing.

Designed and manufactured in the UK,  our deluxe one-click system requires no human touch. Our earrings are supplied inside a sterile plastic casing, and our piercing instrument designed for a quiet, quick and safe method of piercing.

Should my ears be cleaned prior to piercing?
For health and safety reasons, it’s essential that your ear is cleansed thoroughly.  It’s important that anything that may come into contact with your skin is also sterilised.

Will my ears be checked before beginning?
It’s natural for people to often have small bumps or spots around their earlobe. Although harmless, this could effect the outcome of your piercing. The person carrying out the procedure should check both ear lobes.

You should also get the location of the piercing marked on your ear so you are happy with the location of your earrings.

What’s the right earring for me?
This is the most exciting part of the whole process. This earring will need to stay in place for the entire healing period, which is usually around 6 weeks. You need to be happy with your choice of stud, and also be confident that the studs are safe and sterile.

Caress’ System 2000 studs comply with the EU Nickel Directive and are distributed in sterile sealed packs. They can be loaded directly into our ear piercing system without needing to be handled.

We have a wide range of studs, all manufactured in the UK to the highest of quality in an ISO 9001 factory; exceeding the EU and Worldwide standards. There’s something to suit everyone’s taste; from our range of 24 carat gold, silver plated or natural studs,

Consider your day to day jewellery and whether you prefer to wear silver or gold – this may help you decide on which studs to opt for.

We pride ourselves on our efficient and safe piercing systems. If you would like to find out more about the Caress piercing method then click here to contact us.

Pierce ears the Caress way.

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