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Things to Consider Before Getting Your Ears Pierced

Things to Consider Before Getting Your Ears Pierced - Caress Ltd

Getting your ears pierced for the first time can feel quite daunting. We’ve read through some common concerns and questions about earlobe piercings and have created 6 things you need to know before you get your ears pierced.

1. Really take your time to think about it.
It’s important to find a reputable piercer with both the qualifications and experience to pierce your ears correctly. Make sure you do your research and find someone with a good reputation that also makes you feel comfortable.

2. Make sure you do your research and ask questions.
It’s ok not to go with your first choice or even you family or friend’s recommendation, do what feels right for you. Research online different ear piercers or visit different stores and ask as many questions as you want as it helps you to get to know your piercer. This also helps them to understand what you would like.

3. Find out what equipment and jewellery they’re using.
This aspect of a piercing is very important, but most people forget to ask about it or don’t feel like they can ask what equipment is being used. Find out what piercing instrument is being used for your desired piercing as it will help put your mind at ease. Using a high-quality metal (like nickel compliant stainless steel, silver and gold) is also a lot better than cheaper metal as some people may react to copper or nickel. Since 1979 Caress have been manufacturing high quality earrings for piercings, the 24-carat gold plated studs, silver plated studs and natural studs are manufactured in a clean environment guaranteeing a much more pleasant piercing experience. Be sure to ask what piercing instrument will be used, for example, if they’re using a Caress System 2000 ear piercing instrument you can always find out more about it on the Caress website.

4. It doesn’t hurt.
It does seem very scary having a piercing done but in fact it doesn’t hurt. When pierced you may have a slight stinging sensation which will last around 1 second and will then begin to feel like a dull throb. After a few hours later, the throbbing should go (especially if you have used a bit of ice to help with swelling).

5. Be prepared for the aftercare.
Whilst the actual process of having your ears pierced is very short and often doesn’t last longer than 10 minutes with the actual piercing itself taking only a couple of seconds, it’s the aftercare that takes the time. The aftercare is one of the most important parts of the piercing process but is often overlooked. The aftercare helps to ensure that your piercing doesn’t contract an infection which can be painful, the aftercare helps to avoid this and encourage a natural healing process. If you pierce your ears the Caress way, a carefully planned out aftercare treatment will be provided for you.

6. If you’re feeling unwell or a little under the weather post-pone your appointment.
When you’re unwell your immune system weakens which means your vulnerable to infections and your healing time will increase. To make sure your piercing process goes smoothly it is best to make sure you a feeling well enough for it (appointments can always be moved to a later date so don’t worry).

We hope this helps you on your piercing journey.

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