Ear Piercing System

ear piercing instrument


You need to have an ear piercing system that is safe,
reliable and easy for you and your team to use.




Caress manufacturers everything to the highest quality and that includes our piercing equipment. Manufactured in the UK, the unique ergonomic design has been used by our customers for many years. Our customers love that it is quick, easy to use and provides a more pleasant piercing experience for clients due to its quiet mechanism.

Why pierce the Caress way?

  • Piercing equipment has been designed to always leave the correct spacing between the earring and the clasp. No after piercing intervention is required.
  • Earrings are loaded directly from the mount; no contact is required which helps to reduce the risk of infection.
  • The piercing system is designed for accurate piercing
  • Our unique one-click system makes it easier for the piercer, as the piercing instrument does all the work
  • The manufacturing process is carried out in an ISO 9001 accredited factory, assembled in a clean air environment and then sterilised. Our piercing system is supported by a range of quality studs, which are also manufactured in the UK and are all compliant with current E.U. Nickel Directive. Our stud product range is available in 24-carat gold plated, silver plated and natural studs.
  • As one of our valued customers, you will be supported by our Customer Service team and provided with POS collateral to help you promote your ear-piercing services.

Would you like to pierce ears the Caress way?

Available Worldwide

Hypo allergenic studs produced to the highest standards in an ISO 9001 factory. Available in 24 carat gold plated, silver plated, natural, contours and jewelled.

Our earrings are not just for piercing, their quality means they can be worn as a beautiful fashion accessory for many years to come.

Contact us to discover how to pierce ears the Caress way.

Our Caress ear piercing kit consists of:

  • Unique, easy and quiet to use ear piercing instrument (designed to provide years of trouble free ear piercing)
  • A non-toxic skin marker pen
  • “Practice ears” (foam peanuts with an ear like consistency that trainees can use to practice their piercing technique)
  • Antiseptic cleansing wipes

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