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Needles Vs Ear-Piercing Instrument Piercings - The Big Debate

Needles Vs Ear-Piercing Instrument Piercings - The Big Debate - Caress Ltd

There is an on-going debate on which is best; getting your ears pierced with a needle or by an ear-piercing instrument (also known as an ear-piercing gun). There are passionate advocates for both methods, with arguments for and against each one widely discussed online.

We like to base our opinions on the facts. A study published in the International Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery entitled – ‘Ear piercing techniques and their effect on cartilage, a histologic study’ carried out an experiment on 22 human cadaver ears, half using a well-known piercing system and the other half using a piercing needle.

The research concluded that ‘All piercing methods give the same extent of damage; each method is expected to have the same risk. The focus should be on other factors such as hygiene and the aftercare’.

Whatever method you choose, you need to make sure you are satisfied with the level of hygiene. We recommend gloves are worn and all our earrings are produced to a medically superior standard and supplied in a sterile pack, which should only be opened immediately before piercing.

Your piercer must explain the aftercare procedure to you, and it is important that you fully understand what you need to do to keep your piercing clean and free of infection.

Following on from the above study, there have been many other positives of using a piercing gun, especially the caress system 2000 and No.1 Original:

  • It is easier to train someone to use one rather than a needle – meaning the costs of piercing can be kept lower.
  • Everyone that uses them, has to be fully trained and qualified.
  • They’re easier to use.
  • It only takes a couple of seconds to pierce with a gun, so it’s over quicker which is good If you’re squeamish over needles.
  • They are safe and clean to use.
  • The clasp backing automatically attaches to the back of the earring, meaning you do not have to touch the piercing again like you would with a needle piercing. (which can cause irritation)
  • Majority of people get their ears pierced with a piercing system gun and have had no issues-They would not be available on the market if they were dangerous.

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